The fairy tale story is starting to becoming a realty for the Deadbirds. They went up the Virgina with one thing on their mind; to come back champions. Not only did they accomplish their goal, but they also showed their composure through the harsh conditions.

They have something to prove going to Glendale, CO. They want to show the whole USA what Deadbird Rugby is all about. Coach Rich Alleger has laid out to the boys that they just need to keep going through each game like its their last. The boys have shown maturity through the whole season which has been the catalyst to a successful year. For a more detailed description of the weekend, check out

The season continues on now to Glendale, Colorado where the Deadbirds will take part in a four-team tournament. Winners of the first day move on to the Final game as the Losers will play for 3rd & 4th place. Keep checking us out on facebook for live-game coverage and updates from now until the final whistle. BLEED BLUE!


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