UNF Rugby is starting up again for the Fall semester. Coming off the most memorable season to date, UNF RFC is looking to take that momentum right into the upcoming season. “Were getting real excited about getting new recruits and after going to the National Championship, we hope they are excited about joining our team.” says captain Tim Heriff. “With the support of the school and the construction of the new gym, we hope we get future players that want to learn the game and be a part of our club.” UNF is on the verge of opening one of the most prestigious workout facilities in Florida, if not in the United States. They hope with this construction of the new building, they can use it to recruit new players.

With the loss of some key Seniors [Fullback Cade Pollard, Prop Lucas Romero & Hooker Steven Hill], the Deadbirds are looking to fill those positions as well as develop new talent. “Our main focus for this upcoming year is recruiting. We lack in overall numbers and it would be beneficial to get more players to create more competition on the pitch.” says Backs Captain Steven Krueger. “First we are going to start by helping Freshmen move in so we can get our name out there and talk to some athletes going UNF. Next we are going to attend Freshmen week activities as well as set up a table on “The Green”. By doing so we hope to talk to plenty of students about joining our club. This year in particular, freshman have to live on campus and join a club, so why not be ours.” In order to have the students be more active, UNF is requiring that freshmen have to live on campus and join a club. It should be good for the rugby club, as we are the most physical club on campus.

Classes start up August 20th, and practice will start that Tuesday and Thursday night. 8:00pm at the Practice soccer fields, right next to Hodges Stadium. Looking forward to seeing you out there!

Check out the Prospective Players page in order to fill out a form so we can get a hold of you via email, facebook, etc….


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