UNF RFC finishes off their Fall season, ranked 2nd in the state of Florida. The Deadbirds pulled off an undefeated regular season, and made it all the way to the Final match against the UCF RFC, but just fell short. But once again, UNF proved that they can match up against top-tier teams. They will be on a tentative workout schedule throughout the break. Coach Max Schwartz has designed a workout that will keep the team in shape through the long winter break. “We know that we can go against some of the top teams in the nation” says Schwartz. “The only way to compete at the highest level is maintaining proper workouts outside of practice.”

The Deadbirds head into the new year competing the in NSCRO National championship series. Last year, UNF made it all the way to the final four in Glendale, Colorado and expect the same outcome this following season. “The team is amped up for this upcoming season.” says President Alex Mross. “We have so many guys devoted to this club and all are dedicated to getting back to Colorado. It’s what inspires us to play the game as hard as we do. So we can compete at the highest level.”

UNF starts their NSCRO campaign January 26th, at home, against Miami. (( FULL SCHEDULE ))