The Deadbirds travelled to Tallahassee this weekend to play FSU B-side and to have their B-side play FSU’s “emerging” side. The UNF A-side squad was thirsty for a game after being rescheduled the previous weekend and being left to play themselves in a split squad match which became known as the “Annual Black and Blue match” and the first 15 minutes showed exactly that with UNF shooting up to a very early 21-0 lead.

As the game continued, the Deadbirds found themselves in a position of power for most of the game, never giving up their lead though allowing FSU to narrow the gap slowly. For the end of the 1st half and beginning of the 2nd half, penalties plagued the Deadbirds which allowed FSU many free meters; much to the dismay of UNF’s coaches who could do little more but yell from the sideline. 
However, before the game was done the Deadbirds rediscovered themselves and were able to grind out a last couple of tries in the last 10 minutes, reigniting the spark of flowing game play which marked the first 15 minutes and was absent on their side until then. The final score came to 35-12 in favor of the UNF A-side.

UNF travels to Eckerd College in a divisional match for the NSCRO National Championship. Follow the Deadbirds on the website or on their Facebook page.