With heavy cloud cover and cold winds was the last Deadbird game played Macon Georgia. UNF faced the University of North Georgia, an ROTC school, for the first time. Though some delays throughout the trip had the Deadbirds not arriving at the hotel until nearly 2am the night before, none would have known it by the way energy emoted from everyone of the players.
Once the game started the running around quickly made the 30 degree weather much more hospitable. The Deadbirds scored the only tries in the game leaving the first half 14-0 and the final at 31-0. The game was fast paced but kept under control by UNF for more than most of the game, allowing the North Georgia side precious few times to capitalize on offense which their somewhat undiciplined side could not do as they suffered two yellow cards and a red card; all for dangerously high or not wrapping tackles.
UNF travels to play the Sewanne Tigers on Saturday and the winner of the UWF “Argos” vs Duke Rugby on Sunday in Pensacola.