The Deadbirds’ Sevens Squad secured their spot in Philadelphia this past weekend after a long day of rugby. Both Loyola University and the University of West Florida drove a long way to compete, which lead to some great competition throughout the day.

UNF started off against Loyola bright and early in the morning, ending the match with a draw, 19 – 19. While somewhat nerve-racking, the Deadbirds woke up and won their remaining three matches with general ease. With quite a bit of sevens specific skills in the 12-man squad, UNF was able to show exactly why they deserve to play at PPL Park on June 2nd.

At the end of the day, UNF finished in first with 11 points, Loyola in second with 7 points and UWF finishing close behind with 6 points.

The Deadbirds must now raise the funds in order to make it to The City of Brotherly Love, as well as sell 75 tickets to the tournament. If you are interested in helping out, feel free to contact Alex Mross at alexjmross@gmai.com, or if you plan on attending the championship, get your tickets from this site: