UNF 7’s comes back from the Philadelphia with the silver. A great outing by North Florida by having to take out 4 different teams before making it to the grand final. The Deadbirds traveled with 12 players, and took the 13 hour van ride up to Philly. On Saturday, the Deadbirds would start the tournament facing Susquehanna University. The game went quite smooth for the Deadbirds as their defense seemed to be too much for the opposition. Next, UNF would face Occidental College, from Los Angeles, California. Occidental seemed to carry alot of speed and experience on their team; much like the Deadbirds. Mistakes seem to plague the Deadbirds and they would fall to Occidental. Last match was against Western New England University. The Deadbirds needed a redemption game to make up for Occidental. UNF started putting in multiple tries and beat Western NE by a large margin. That point difference would put the Deadbirds in the Final Four, that would be played at PPL Park.

UNF started Sunday by playing New England College. This game came down to the end with a last second penalty drop-kick by Fly-Half Trace Horevitz. The win would secure the Deadbirds a trip to the finals. UNF would once again face Occidental College in the final. The final game started out real smooth for the Deadbirds, displaying great ball movement and rough defense. UNF scored the first try of the game, but the game took a quick turn around. Missed tackles seem to plague UNF and it would cost them multiple tries which put Occidental up. Two late tries by Steven Krueger and VJ Ibones started to give the Deadbirds some momentum, but it was too late. The final hooter sounded off and the game was over. Occidental (28) UNF (15).

Great showing by the UNF team and they plan on being back next year to take the title.