The Deadbirds beat the University of Miami 33-17 in the final game of the fall season. With a win against FAU and a lost against FIU last week during All Florida Day the Deadbirds were excited to get back on the field. Missing a few key players, Saif and Shelly stepped up as props since Thor was benched for last weeks red card for striking down thunder upon FIU. The back line was also shifted around and Deliverance weighing in at a whopping 145 played inside center. As the largest inside center in Deadbirds history he was able to put in three tries against Miami to help the Deadbirds win and earn himself a flaming zulu.
On the B side, Miami pulled away with the only try as time expired. In a hard fought match Alfredo and Saif lead the pack taking huge punches gaining many meters after contact.
With the fall season over the Deadbirds will start off season training in order to prepare for the spring season.