As a new year for the Deadbirds approaches, many opportunities open. This upcoming weekend will be the start of two seasons at once. The Deadbirds will be forced to split into two teams to play this Saturday. One team will be traveling to UWF to play in the 7’s national qualifier. If the Deadbirds come out on top then we will travel to Philadelphia for the 7’s national championship in PPL park this summer. In Jacksonville, the other half of the team will be expecting FSU to come for a preseason ‘friendly’ match.

This upcoming competition is great because for the last few weeks the Deadbirds have only been able to beat up on each other. Last week was the annual black and blue intersquad game where competition was very tight but in the end everyone was a winner with a day of festivities to follow. A few weeks prior the Deadbirds took on the alumni squad. The alumni came hard with a lot of pent up aggression from working their day jobs too much and beat the current players by a hefty score.

Next week the Deadbirds will be traveling to the University of Miami for the first spring season game. The next week FAU will come to UNF for the first Deadbird home game. Stay posted for details!